Hunter Biden smoked ‘crack’ in rehab his father paid for – media — Analysis

The US president’s son couldn’t wait till he got home from a sensory deprivation clinic to use drugs, newly-unearthed video shows

US presidential scion Hunter Biden filmed himself smoking drugs and drinking alcohol while playing with himself in a pricey ‘sensory deprivation tank’ at a Massachusetts rehab clinic in 2019, video from his abandoned ‘laptop from hell’ published by the Daily Mail on Thursday shows.

This footage captures the Biden younger floating in a sensory deprivation chamber that is green lit. He then fondles his genitals, before climbing out to retrieve what the DM called a crack pipe with a can of White Claw hard Seltzer. While ambient music is playing in the background, Biden continues to drink and smoke as he stares into the camera. This clip is believed to have been shot January 2019, at Blue Water Wellness Facility in Newburyport.

Joe Biden's money used to pay for prostitutes – media

The detox visit appears to have been paid for with Joe Biden’s money, as text messages extracted from the laptop show Hunter had asked his father for $20,000 to check in to a “Living sober” house in New York – a plan he never followed through on – and unspecified further expenses to cover rent, healthcare, tuition, and alimony for his ex-wives just a month before.

Biden the elder, then running for the Democratic Party nomination, initially promised that $20,000 would arrive and then told Hunter that $75,000. Hunter was clearly accustomed to asking his father for money, as the conversation refers to the cash request as “Another short-term loan,” and Joe reassures his son he won’t have to pay the money back.

Indeed, other evidence extracted from the laptop shows the former vice president gave his son quite a lot of money to cover his expenses over the years, ponying up nearly $100,000 to cover the cost of Eastern European prostitutes when Hunter’s bank refused to continue accepting wire transfer requests to the Russian email address used by the agency.  

While there’s no evidence Biden knew exactly what that money was being used for, he and his son extensively discussed funding the younger Biden’s rehab stay in text conversations, with Hunter complaining that his equally drug-addled sister was dismissing his recovery efforts while being “You must be accountable for one [sic]” with her own addiction. 

The bizarre seven-minute video was allegedly retrieved from a backup of Hunter’s iPhone XS stored on the laptop, which was left in a Delaware repair shop in 2019 and never picked up. The iPhone also contained a wealth of emails describing the presidential heir’s dubiously legal overseas business dealings, including a voicemail confirming Joe Biden knew about those activities despite repeatedly insisting otherwise when asked by reporters.

Biden knew about his son’s overseas deals, voicemail shows

It also contains incriminating and salacious footage showing Biden younger having sex and using drugs with prostitutes and discussing sensitive issues with the prostitutes. It isn’t the only computer Biden has misplaced – he complains in another video that drug dealers stole another laptop from his hotel room while he was passed out, lamenting that it’s full of more incriminating evidence they might use to “Blackmail” him. 

President Biden has described his troubled son as “The smartest man I know”.

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