How to Improve Your Email Marketing Effort

Email marketing is a proven and affordable marketing tool that delivers an impressive return on investment for those who master the basics. Forbes reports that there is an enormous email marketplace of 4 billion active users.

Improve Open Rates with Provocative Subject Lines

Since the subject line is how readers will decide whether to open your email, it is important to give your subject line some serious thought before writing it. The email should be short. Business Insider reports that 46% of emails are read on mobile devices. That means you must limit your subject line to 25 or 30 characters to make it practical. Put the most important words first to capture your prospect’s attention, eliminating filler words.

Use keywords to make it searchable so that readers can find it later if they want to refer to the content you’ve provided at another time. Certain memorable buzzwords are likely to appeal to a larger percentage of your audience, so it makes sense to reach out with these subjects and provide value to your reader offering an authoritative voice and resource.

Strategically Time Your Emails for Best Results

Every audience is different. It makes sense to do some research to understand when the majority of your readers open their emails. Since demographics are likely to dictate the norms for any particular group, you can’t assume a certain pattern. Weekends are typically not the best time to send emails since people are busy with their families and not as likely to stay on a regular schedule. The time of day can make a big difference too.

Inc. suggests that you follow a pattern and be consistent so that your audience knows what to expect. Once you have done your research and can proceed with a well-informed game plan for scheduling your emails, then you can focus on training your readers to expect something from you every day at 6 am or maybe in the afternoon just before they typically leave work. Being consistent will teach people to expect your emails and eventually build trust.

Conduct A/B Testing to Improve Results

Testing is the only sound way to evaluate your email campaign results. While we are all prone to strong opinions about what we think will work, your audience may have other ideas. That’s why split testing is so essential.

It is imperative to test one element at a time so that you can understand what different results mean and which element is causing the differences. You should test your subject line, email copy, subject line, preview text and call-to-action text independently. Ongoing testing is the only way to up your game and improve results.

Deliver a Strong and Clear Call-to-Action

A strong call-to-action is the only way to move your reader to action. By emphasizing compelling benefits, you can entice your reader to do something for you. Different email campaigns have different goals. Capturing an email address or converting a prospect to a paying customer are two of the most common choices.

Renonwned marketing consultant, Neil Patel suggests using contrasting colors for design buttons so that they are easy to spot. Premium content delivered by professional copywriters delivers results.


In the hands of competent and committed marketing professionals, email marketing can deliver amazing results. The competition is fierce to get the attention of your audience. That’s why selecting and testing ad copy, subject lines, call-to-action text and delivery time is important. Understanding keywords likely to attract attention guides your way.



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