Street artist paints Dostoevsky portrait in protest against censorship — Analysis

Jorit, a street artist from Naples creates Dostoevsky’s giant mural after his author was expelled at Milan University.

An artist on the streets of Naples has protested against Milan’s decision to cancel an art course about Russian author Fyodor Tostoevsky. Jorit has painted a giant mural of the author of ‘Crime and Punishment’ and ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ in his home city.

He said that he, along with many others, was surprised by the University of Milano-Bicocca’s decision not to offer a Dostoevsky course, but instead would teach about Ukrainian authors. After public protest, the move was swiftly reversed. Jorit found inspiration in this incident for his latest project.

The giant portrait is based on the 1872 painting of Dostoyevsky by Russian artist Vasily Perov, with the addition of face paint that Jorit uses in his ‘human tribe’-themed works. This portrait will be displayed on the wall at the Augusto Righi Technical school of Naples. It serves as reminder. “only with culture can we understand the causes of wars and build peace,”Italic media were told by the artist.

Another part of the mural is a quote from Paolo Pasolini’s film ‘The Hawks and the Sparrows’, which warns that wealth inequality and class war may be the greatest threats to world peace. On March 25, the official unveiling will take place.

The attempt to cancel Dostoevsky in Milan is one of many examples of how Russian culture has been targeted in Western countries in the wake of Moscow’s attack against Ukraine in late February. Pyotr Tichaikovsky was dropped by the Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra because it found his 19th-century Russian composer difficult.

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