South Africa’s ex-president to return behind bars — Analysis

South Africa’s High Court has ruled that granting medical parole to Jacob Zuma was unlawful. Former president Jacob Zuma, 79, was convicted for contempt of court. He must be returned to prison.

The court ordered Wednesday the ex-President Jacob Zuma to return to jail. It also dismissed a September verdict that granted him medical parole. He is currently serving a 15 month sentence for contempt. 

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South Africa top court rejects ex-president Zuma’s bid to overturn 15-month jail sentence

“It is hereby directed that the third respondent be returned to the custody of the department of correctional services to serve out the remainder of his sentence of imprisonment,”According to local media, the verdict was read. 

Zuma was handed over to the prison authorities on July 7, in order to start his sentence. Zuma was found guilty of contempt for failing to appear at hearings regarding alleged corruption during his tenure as President, nine years.

The former president’s detention triggered some of the worst violence seen in South Africa for decades. There were more than 300 deaths and nearly 3,000 arrests in the rioting and looting that resulted from poor economic conditions and high unemployment.

Zuma was first admitted in August to hospital for treatment. In September, Zuma received his medical parole. South Africa’s highest court rejected Zuma’s request to reverse his sentence in August.



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