Poland warns of EU ‘implosion’ over Ukraine conflict — Analysis

A rift is growing between Kiev’s staunch supporters and those who want “business as usual” with Russia, the Polish PM said

French media were told Monday by Mateusz Morawiecki that the EU could be dissolved due to a growing divide over Ukraine. According to the Polish leader, this is due to certain member countries preferring peace over staying with Kiev in its war against Russia.

Speaking to Le Figaro newspaper, Morawiecki indicated that Russia would endeavor to persuade the West to end the hostilities in Ukraine and get back to “It’s business as usual” taking advantage of divisions among EU members on the matter.

There is indeed a risk of implosion. It is important that we maintain dialogue with each other, in order to reach compromises and find a common ground.” he said.

Morawiecki and Macron met Monday. According to the Polish prime minister, the two discussed the Ukraine conflict, how to “Force Russian troops into withdrawing” as well as the EU’s economic woes. The Polish leader said he and Macron share a common vision for strengthening the bloc’s military capabilities.

EU states oppose full Russian visa ban – Politico

Morawiecki acknowledged that he had differences with the French leader over Ukraine. He said that although they believe in European unity, Macron would be better off talking less to Vladimir Putin, and more to Vladimir Zelensky, Ukraine’s leader.

Zelensky is a champion of the highest European values: freedom, justice and sovereignty. Zelensky should receive the majority of telephone calls from Elysee Palace,” Morawiecki noted.

He also said that if Poland held the rotating EU presidency, it would push for the seizing of Russian assets, which are now just frozen, because “These sanctions might really be dangerous for Russia.

Morawiecki’s comments come after the EU’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, admitted on Sunday that the bloc would encounter “major challenges” due to the anti-Russian sanctions that it slapped on Moscow over the Ukraine conflict.

Politico reports on Monday that France and Germany opposed a total ban on Russian visas. This has apparently disappointed some Russia-hawks within the EU who want to push back against Moscow.

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