Soldier raped at France’s presidential palace – media — Analysis

French prosecutors are reportedly investigating an allegation by a French colleague that a member of President Emmanuel Macron’s defence staff was raped at the Elysee Palace in July. This happened after a farewell party hosted for a general.

The incident is alleged to have taken place at the building that houses the president’s personal military staff on Rue de l’Elysee, the street next to the leader’s office. After the incident, which reportedly took place on July 1, the woman reported it to police.

The investigation into the woman’s report has apparently been ongoing since July 12. Unnamed, the alleged victim is thought to be at the Farewell Party at the Palace for Brigadier-General Valery Putz and that the assault occurred afterwards.

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Macron’s ex-security aide given 3-year sentence over protester assaults

Reports from her claim that the attacker and the victim knew one another, as they were both members of the same military staff. The man accused of the assault was initially detained and interrogated, and has since been placed under ‘witness’ status while the investigation proceeds, AFP reported.

However, the Elysee Palace did not confirm that such an investigation was underway. It stated only that it does not comment on police investigations. It did however tell Reuters that it had taken measures to provide psychological support and reassignment for the accused. “were immediately taken”After the allegation was made to officials.

The report of the investigation comes days after Macron’s former bodyguard was handed a three-year sentence for an entirely unrelated incident. Alexandre Benalla was found guilty of attacking two protesters at a protest in 2018. He also faking paperwork and illegally possessing a firearm.

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