7 Smart Ideas for Keeping Your House Warm During the Winter

It can be really hard to keep your house warm during the winter. Even if you have a gas heater, the room might still feel cold because it takes so long for the heat to reach you. If you are looking for smart ways to keep your home warm during the winter, these ideas will get the job done.

1- Insulate Your Walls and Ceilings

Furnishing your home with drywall or wallboard can come with a price tag, so if you are looking for inexpensive insulation for your walls, think about adding insulation in your attic space. You do not have to go too high here because there is little room. Adding insulation for the top 16 inches of your eaves can save you a lot of money by keeping your walls warmer when you turn on the heating system.

2- Install Ceiling Fans

If you do not have any fans or only a small one that will not circulate enough air, adding a ceiling fan will keep your home warm during the winter. You will not have to worry about accidentally pulling the chain since they are designed not to turn on themselves. If there is down-drafting getting into your ceiling, putting in fans will help with that too.

3- Have Your HVAC Professionally Inspected

For your HVAC unit to operate at its best, you should have it professionally inspected. A professional inspection will show you what needs to be addressed, such as leaky ducts and faulty wiring. If your HVAC system is not working properly, it will cost you a fortune because of high energy usage.

4- Use Your Curtains

If you are not using your curtains, you are losing out on quite an inexpensive way to keep warm air in your house. Curtains that help control air circulation and stop drafts by getting hot air in and blocking the cold air will come with a pretty good price tag.

5- Insulate Your Windows

Insulating your windows can help keep the heat in around your house. New windows are a great idea, but if you do not have the money just yet, installing insulating film on your window frames is an inexpensive way to do it.

6- Install an Energy-Efficient Programmable Thermostat

If your home is heated by gas, install a programmable thermostat that you can use when you are away from home. You can set the temperature to a normal setting and turn it down when you go out. It also automatically turns on the furnace to keep the house warm.

7- Block Out the Draughts

Draught excluders are one of the most inexpensive ways to keep warm in your home. They do a good job of keeping the cold air out and the hot air in. Draught excluders are placed at floor level in front of your doors and stop any cool air from coming through. If you do not want to take up floor space, you can use door draft stoppers that hang over the door and keep the cold air from coming into your home.

If you want to keep warm during the winter, you should start thinking about how you can save on energy costs. Consider the above tips to keep your home warm during the winter.



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