Skincare Gadgets That Will Get You Glowing

From dermaplaning tools that shave off fine hairs to light therapy devices that reduce dark circles and puffiness, these skincare gadgets will have you glowing in no time – with regular use. But remember, results require dedication on both parts.

Gigi Hadid and Kristyn Smith both swear by this microcurrent facial tool which promises visibly firmer skin after just one use, featuring a boost button to amp up power as desired.

1. Tweezerman Facial Hair Removal Tool

Tweezerman has made it easier than ever to rid oneself of unwanted facial hair (without wax, shaving cream or laser). Their new Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Tool quickly and painlessly eliminate unwanted hair on neck, chin, cheeks and upper lips in an efficient and permanent manner – with little or no re-growth after using this powerful device which grasps each individual hair from its root for maximum reduction and long term reduction of unwanted follicles. Simply great skincare.

Users have reported that the unique handles and high quality stainless steel coil-spring work together to safely remove areas of unwanted hair without harming skin. Furthermore, many users have reported this method is an excellent alternative if you’re extra sensitive to harsh chemicals, waxes or removal creams.

Simply apply the flatter side of the spring against clean skin and twist both silver top parts of the handles in the direction of the arrows to remove unwanted hairs. While initially it may cause discomfort, pain subsides as you become familiar with this process.

2. SolaWave’s Red Light Therapy Wand

There’s a good reason for all of the buzz surrounding this skincare wand–it works. This at-home version of light-emitting diode (LED) technology used by dermatologist offices and spas for years to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fade dark spots, even skin tone and boost collagen production is revolutionizing skincare at an unprecedented level.

The vibrations and therapeutic warmth provided by the wand mimic a facial massage to reduce puffiness and drain lymphatic systems, while its red light therapy encourages skin cell turnover for increased circulation to create a natural-looking glow.

SolaWave makes using their Radiant Renewal Wand easy, with only three recommended treatments per week necessary to see results. After receiving significant positive feedback, SolaWave recently released their upgraded version containing galvanic current and 180 degree head rotation, known as SolaWave Radiant Renewal Wand.

3. iRevive’s LED Light Therapy Device

This device uses LED lights to treat various skin conditions. It is FDA-cleared for home use and features medical-grade blue LED lights which penetrate deep into skin layers to kill bacteria that causes acne and facial blemishes while purifying and stabilizing oil glands.

This product helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pore size, and uneven skin tone – it is suitable for all skin types and colors!

Light, portable and user-friendly iRevive LED light therapy devices offer easy solutions for daily skin health care treatments that don’t involve costly or harmful chemical remedies. Simply wash and dry skin prior to turning on power and positioning device in circular motion over skin for three minutes each session for best results. iRevive’s LED light therapy devices offer an economical and safer option than expensive chemical treatments!

4. SKINNY’s Cold Globes

Early 2021 saw beauty tools such as gua sha and jade rollers become all the rage, while an ice-based DIY hack known as skin-icing made a big impression on TikTok. Now more sophisticated versions of this DIY hack have surfaced: cooling facial massage tools which look just like ice cubes but offer multiple skincare benefits.

Ice globes help constrict blood vessels, helping reduce dark circles and redness on the skin. Their cooling temperature also enhances skincare product absorption by rolling over your complexion after applying serum or oil, according to aesthetician Brit Lanier who recommends using them post application of serum or oil. Available in either glass or metal with an adorable pink box for travel convenience.

5. Face Gym’s Muscle Stimulator

FaceGym has made waves for its signature approach of treating facials as workouts; now offering their first Los Angeles (and second in the U.S.) location at 1 Hotel. Providing non-invasive services including mini yoga balls, gold derma rollers, gua sha contouring tools and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) devices like its popular Pure Lift device – FaceGym offers something to fit all fitness levels within its fitness-inspired menu of non-invasive treatments that is fitness-driven.

This device utilizes a patented Triple Wave Technology: its first wave promotes hydration, its middle wave stimulates ATP production, and its third stimulates muscles to tighten skin. It’s the same electromyography technology found in at-home strength training devices or physical therapy sessions for stimulating muscle contractions.

FaceGym recommends its own conductive serum for best results; however, any will work. Once that has been applied, simply move the tool across any muscles you wish to strengthen or tone in a similar fashion to how a jade roller would.


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