Should Everyone Take A Multivitamin?

Multivitamins have long been around to be the extra boost to help you live a healthy life. 

There has never been a time like the present to ensure your body is receiving the proper vitamins as it is a great way to give your body a little extra layer of protection. 

Did you know that there are thirteen known vitamins that the body needs, but 90% of diets are lacking the natural intake of them?

Vitamins are essential in protecting the body against all that scary stuff that can make you sick. And vitamins are key in creating a strong immune system so that you can always have the best chance at remaining healthy, even during a pandemic!

But that does not necessarily mean that everybody should be taking multivitamins. There is a range of supplements available for those that are not getting the proper dose of vitamins each day. But it is so important to stress that whenever possible, you should be trying to get your vitamins in the most natural way. 

However, this also goes without saying that vitamins for the immune system are a great way to really give your body the back up it might need to kick into full-blown action when required.  

How can you tell though if you need a multivitamin? And which vitamins you need for optimal immune system strength?


  • Vitamin D


Thanks to the sunlight, Vitamin D helps your body feel better. It can absorb calcium, boost your mood, and act as an important hormone in the body. It is no surprise when people tell you to go out in the sunshine when you are feeling a bit down in the dumps. But also not surprising as to why during the winter you might feel a bit more sluggish—the perfect time to take a Vitamin D supplement. 



  • Vitamin C


The vitamin we all love to have more of, Vitamin C is the go-to when wanting to fight off the cold. But it also has many long term benefits of securing you a healthy future. There is never really a bad time to up the dosage of this Vitamin, especially if you feel yourself getting sick. 



  • Zinc


A zinc supplement is proven to limit the length of a cold and keep people healthy. So instead of banking on Vitamin C doing all the work, zinc has been proven to speed up the recovery process when you are just starting to get sick. Plus, it can minimize symptoms often associated with the cold or other illnesses, so you do not have to feel as miserable. 



  • AHCC


Standing for Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC), the key ingredients come from healing mushrooms that support your immune system. AHCC speeds up the immune system’s response and acts as an aid to combating any unwanted germs or viruses in the body.  It can be used for a wide range of health conditions and enhance an individual’s overall wellness. It increases cytokines, dendritic cells, macrophages, and T cells. Who would have ever thought a shitake mushroom could be so powerful! 

As always, it is best to first check with your doctor to discuss the vitamins you are lacking, as well as understanding the ingredients to any supplements you take. Whether you have a stressful lifestyle or are tired of living with feeling unwell, vitamins are your best source of enhancing your immune system and should be an integrated part of your daily routine—to ensure that you operate at optimal capabilities each and every day. So while multivitamins are not needed for everyone, chances are there is at least one vitamin you could use an extra boost of!



Alex is the co-author of 100 Greatest Plays, 100 Greatest Cricketers, 100 Greatest Films and 100 Greatest Moments. He has written for a wide variety of publications including The Observer, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

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