4 Signs That May Indicate Your Dog Has a Tooth Infection

When you first get a dog, the last thing on your mind is probably future tooth infections. Although it may not be something that comes up as a concern initially when there are so many other things to think about, it’s common for dogs to develop tooth infections. 

The last thing that you want is your lovable canine to be in pain. Therefore, taking care of your dog’s dental health is critical. It’s essential to pick up on the signs of tooth infections; otherwise, they can become quite dangerous for their health. Here are a few signs to look for that may indicate your pup has a tooth infection.

Not Playing With Their Chew Toys

It’s always a red flag when your dog changes a habitual behavior suddenly. If they usually play with a chew toy and lose interest in it, it’s generally a sign that something is off.  

Dogs love chewing, so a lack of interest in putting things in their mouth is an indication that they may be in pain. If they lose interest in playing with their chew toys and also seem to lose interest in eating, it’s almost certain that you should take your dog into the vet for further examination.

Chewing On Only One Side  

Notice how your dog is reacting on one side of their face. When you pet them on the side of their face, do they seem to be in pain? Sometimes they may not be as overt about their pain. Rather than whining or growling, they may show you inadvertently by chewing on one side of their mouth.

If you notice they have started showing signs of struggle when they eat and only chew on one side, you should take a closer look. Your vet can inspect thoroughly if you can’t seem to see any visible signs of infection yourself. If you notice that your dog is acting strange, it would be a smart choice to consider investing in pet insurance, which will help your pet stay happy and healthy without having to spend a fortune on medical bills.

Bad Breath

You might be thinking, “but dogs always have bad breath!” Which is true for the most part. However, if you notice that your dog’s breath is worse than usual, it could be a sign of an infection in their mouth.

Refusing To Eat 

Dogs can’t tell you in your own language that they are feeling pain or that something is off. It’s up to you to look for signs in their behavior. One of the most direct messages that dogs can send, which indicates there’s a problem, is refusing to eat.

Refusing to eat may not specifically imply they have a tooth infection; however, it definitely hints at something being off. 

Tooth infections come on fast. The minute you notice any of these symptoms, you should act as soon as possible. Call your vet so that you can start working on a solution right away.


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