Sex change hormone treatment injured Swedish children – media — Analysis

National broadcaster SVT reports that 13 children in Sweden have experienced side effects while being treated for gender dysmorphia.

SVT published Wednesday’s report that showed doctors at Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm with concerns over gender dysmorphia had discontinued new hormone treatment for patients suffering from the condition. “potential side effects.” 

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In new guidelines, the hospital acknowledged that these treatments have been controversial and lack scientific backing. The hospital did not release data on the severity of side effects or the impact on children.

SVT did its own investigation after an internal hospital review. According to them, 13 children were inflicted by treatments received at the hospital. Leo, a young boy, began hormone blocker treatment at age 11. Nearly five years later, Leo was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Doctors have also noted changes in his vertebrae. Also, his growth has been greatly slowed.

“Injuries that have been caused by treatment with us, we obviously have a responsibility for,”Svante Norgren was the head of Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Hospital at Karolinska University, and spoke to national television.

The treatment also caused liver damage, and severe mental decline. After two years of hormone blocking, one child also developed reduced bone density.

It was not aware that thirteen children suffered injuries from their care. “We are two different units. “We are two different units. The pediatric section is handled by the children’s hospital. Investigation and follow-up for psychiatric issues falls on the KID team [Gender Identity Investigations of Children and Adolescents],” Norgren stated.

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