Thousands flood Swiss capital to decry Covid certificates (VIDEOS) — RT World News

A rally was held in Bern by thousands of people protesting against the introduction of Covid certificate to stop the spread of the disease. The peaceful rally was a marked departure from previous October protests.

On Saturday massive crowds of people protested against the Covid-19 measures taken by the government in Bern. Covid certificates proving that someone has been vaccinated or recovered from Covid are required for entry to public areas in the country since September 13.

Social media users shared images of a march of Trychlers – people in traditional costumes who describe themselves as a peaceful community defending traditional Swiss values against political agendas.

Protest was approved by local authorities. It went peacefully. Bern hosted a counterprotest at the same moment.

Local media reports that the authorities granted permission for demonstrations to avoid violence or potential clashes among protesters and security personnel. To disperse unauthorised rallies, the police used water canons earlier in October.

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Swiss cops deploy water cannon & rubber bullets to break up 500-strong protest opposing Covid-19 health pass (VIDEOS)

In November, Swiss citizens will have the chance to vote for or against the use of Covid certificates in a referendum on the government’s pandemic response. More than 60% of Swiss voters supported Covid measures in June.

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