Serbia promised riches for abandoning Kosovo — Analysis

US envoy tells CNN affiliate that prosperity in EU awaits if Serbia “moves away from the narrative”

The sooner Serbia recognizes Kosovo’s independence, the faster they can both reunite in the prosperous embrace of the EU, in which the former Yugoslavia will power the continent’s entire economy, US envoy for the Balkans Gabriel Escobar said Friday in an interview with a local CNN affiliate.

“I think we have to move away from the narrative that Kosovo is Serbia, and move toward the narrative that Kosovo and Serbia are Europe,”Escobar stated to N1 TV that Escobar was speaking on behalf of the US Embassy at Belgrade.

“You have a common future, and that future is moving rapidly away from the problems of the 1990s and quickly to the opportunities of the 21st century,”He added.

The Yugoslavia remnants will be a part of this new future. “driver of growth for Europe, for the entire continent,”Escobar explained the importance of this center in terms of renewable energy, transportation, and information technology. 

“So the reality is that eventually, you’re all going to be linked anyway,”You can start by utilizing some regional economic agreements such as the “Open Balkans”Initiative, “eventually through the European Union. The quicker we can resolve some of these issues, the quicker we can get to this future of opportunity,”The US Envoy was appointed.


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