Secret Service tackles Biden protester (VIDEO) — Analysis

Un agent pushed a protester who was walking in front of the motorcade and placed him on the ground.

An agent of the Secret Service slapped a woman protestor and put her handcuffs on her. The incident occurred after the female protester had moved into front of a convoy near the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Fox News’ local affiliate published the footage. This convention hall hosts the Summit of Americas. Joe Biden, US President, was present.

Their involvement in the arrest was confirmed by Secret Service. It claims the agent participated in the incident. “swiftly removed [the woman] from the roadway and placed her into custody.”According to agency, it did not affect the progression of the motorcade.

According to the media, the unidentified woman said she was protesting for women’s rights. At the time, no officials were in the motorcade she leapt into.

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