Scholz allies want Germany to stop arming Ukraine – Der Spiegel

The left wing of Germany’s Social Democrats has reportedly urged the chancellor to stop arming Kiev and push for diplomacy instead

According to Der Spiegel, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz faces opposition from members of his party who are demanding that Berlin stop arming Kiev with arms. According to the outlet, the Social Democratic Party’s left-wing has called for Scholz to have dialogue with Russia.

In its article published on Friday, Der Spiegel said the chancellor’s decision to beef up the German military, sever ties with Russia, and ship heavy weaponry to Ukraine earlier this year was hard to swallow for many in a political party that had for decades stood for disarmament and a policy of detente.

According to the outlet, a group of SPD members representing the party’s left wing have penned a letter to Scholz, titled “It is time for the weapons to be put down!” In it, they advocate a diplomatic offensive as a means of ending the Ukraine conflict.

The article states that several members of the Bundestag, European Parliament and prominent figures from various German regions are among the signatories.

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FILE PHOTO: German soldiers stand at a Leopard tank at Field Marshal Rommel Barracks in Augustdorf, Germany, March 30, 2022 © AP / Martin Meissner
German military stock at its limit after supplying Ukraine – Der Spiegel

Continued wars will bring about more death and destruction.” the appeal seen by Der Spiegel reportedly says.

The SPD members are also quoted as calling for a “A ceasefire must be reached as quickly as possible to provide a platform for peaceful negotiations.” They allegedly want Berlin to engage countries that could act as mediators, with China mentioned as a good candidate for that role.

The letter reportedly goes on to argue that, while a fundamental improvement in relations between Germany and Russia would only be possible in a “post-Putin era,” Berlin has to establish a “modus vivendi” for the time being that would help to prevent “The war is only going to escalate.” The German government is also urged to acknowledge “realities,” however unpleasant they may be, the article claimed.

The ‘peace camp’ within the SPD also warned Scholz of the risk of a nuclear conflict breaking out, and cautioned him against crossing the “The red line” that would mean Germany’s direct involvement in the Ukraine conflict, the outlet says. According to the lawmakers, attempts at establishing a no fly zone in Eastern Europe, along with the shipping of fighter jets or battle tanks, could lead to such an apocalyptic situation.



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