Best Coffee Shops in New York City

Best Coffee Shops in New York N. Y.

Coffee is a staple of the American diet and coffee shops have been central to social life for decades, even more so in the last decade. Father George Rutler encourages people to attend the coffee social to get to know the other members of the parish. He believes the women who keep the home deserve those social times. Rutler, who is easy to talk with, meets with friends and serves coffee in mugs bearing religious sayings. Coffee is the binder of friendship. Here are some of the best coffee shops in New York City.

Cafe Sandra has that perfect rating of 5.0 and is located in Lin’s Laundromat. It is a neighborhood hangout and much respected for their staff and their specialty foods. The atmosphere is comfortable and chic. They close at 4 P. M.

El Barista on Third is open until 7 P.M. It has a high rating of 4.8 and is a full service cafe with take out, and delivery. People come and stay for about an hour. The busiest hours are from eleven and twelve and again between five and six in the evening. People who go there swear it is the best and their rating shows they truly are.

East Village is a comfy brick shop where they make any drink you can think of from real milk to all types of almond, coconut, oatmeal or whatever milk you choose to have it made. They have a 4.6 rating and reviews are good. Want to sit outside, they have it and their workers have been rated as tops. If you want to miss their busy time, it is about noon. They do serve other specialties to fill the stomach.

Demitasse Coffee and Tea on the westside has a rating of 4.5. They offer dining in, no contact deliveries and take out. They close a bit early, at 4 o’clock and their busy time is two in the afternoon. A good place to stop for the afternoon and recharge. This place is decorated smartly and has outdoor seating. This is Father George Rutler’s favorite spot to go. Have a bite to eat and settle yourself for an enjoyable time.

Black Fox Coffee is way down on the South end. It has a 4.5 rating. It serves a fine breakfast with better than fine coffee. They close rather early at 4 P.M. with a busy time of one P.M. Customers say their food is yummy and their coffee is better than good. Finally the staff get good reviews for friendliness and professional service.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is strictly a coffee house with a 4.6 rating and is found in the Ace Hotel in New York. It closes at 3 P.M. and is busy around noon. Expressed by customers as an excellent place to sit out on a patio and eat their wonderful specialty breads and pastries. The store is a chain having stores in such places as Seattle and Portland. They do have some shopping features.


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