Basic Interior Design Tips

Interior design is among the things we all are very passionate about in life. We all want to have beautiful finishes to our homes; space plans the interior of our apartments and creates cohesive and pleasing designs for our homes. In this article, we will look at the various basic interior tips and how to make them unique, as advised by Helen Lee Schifter.

1. Concentrate on Essential Components

When buying household items, it is advisable to start by focusing on things that have more value. For instance, when designing the living room, consider concentrating majorly on furniture like coaches because they occupy an ample space of the room. If they match the color of the room, they draw more attention. After you are done buying the significant items, smaller items will follow to fill the gaps.

2. Ensure Proper Lighting

Living space cannot be perfect with improper lighting. Ensuring living space has adequate lighting is an important thing to consider. Points near windows should be designed in a way that allows sufficient light to enter the room. We should also factor in having appropriate lambs for specific places of the house, like using overhead lamps on the ceiling, using floor lambs on the floors, and also using particular colors of the lambs on positions they match. Paints also affect how they reflect light; therefore, we should use appropriate paint in specific areas to maximize the light entering the room.

3. Use Accent Pieces to Personalize the Room

When designing the interior space, most people concentrate on big things and forget about small things that complement the room. Accent pieces are small pieces of art or furniture that make the room look better and also personalize the room to the owner’s preference. Helen Lee Schifter believes this is what increases the feeling of comfort when in such rooms. Use accent pieces like books to fill in spaces in shelves, bowls placed on top of coffee tables, and pieces of paintings hanging on the walls.

4. Keep Furniture Away from the Walls

After acquiring new pieces of furniture, there is always a tendency to place them against the wall. This is not a wrong thing to do but can be done better by putting it some few feet from the wall to make your room airier. It will also prevent spiders from making cobwebs in these enclosed spaces and reduce the time spent cleaning these areas.

5. Use Simple Interior Items

When working on your interior design, always consider going for simple items because most of the interior photos we look at in magazines or online sites are for professional designs. They are majorly to be used to exhibit design principles about houses rather than be lived in. Therefore, we should consider simple items that are not very expensive but create a perfect balance of gorgeous design and livability.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and find it informative as you design the interior of your living space.


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