Safety fears spark recall of 475,000 Teslas — Analysis

Electric vehicle manufacturer and clean energy company recalls Model 3 and Model S models

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced that Tesla is recalling 475,000 vehicles due to the “unavailability” of a rearview camera on the Model 3 and front hood issues on the Model S.

On Thursday, the road safety agency stated that safety concerns were behind the recall of 356,309 Model 3s 2017-2020 and 119,000.009 Model Ss built from 2014. 

The NHTSA has reported that the rearview camera of Model 3s is having issues. “Unavailability of the rearview camera display may … increase the risk of a collision,”It said this in a quote by Reuters.

Tesla stated that the Model S, a luxury car priced at $94,990 was being recalled for issues with its front hood. It could cause it to open. “without warning, obstruct[ing] the driver’s visibility [and] increasing the risk of a crash.”

This recall is comparable to how many vehicles were delivered by the company to its customers in 2020. 

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According to the NHTSA, the maker of electric vehicles was not aware that any deaths or accidents were caused by these issues.

Tesla is also under investigation by the NHTSA over software that allows games to be played on the car’s central screen while the vehicle is moving. Although the issue impacts approximately 580,000 vehicles the NHTSA confirmed that Tesla has agreed to end the function.

Another investigation – this time into Tesla Inc’s driver assistance system, Autopilot – was opened in August, in response to the 11 crashes since 2018 in which Tesla models using the system hit one or more vehicles involved in an emergency response incident.

The NHTSA expressed concerns that touchscreen displays could fail, leading to the recall of around 135,000 Tesla vehicles.

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