Russia’s top diplomat comments on PM Johnson’s resignation

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has described the politician as someone “clinging to power,” whose activities are intended for show

Boris Johnson has proven himself to be a politician, who is “First and foremost, I am interested in staging a show.” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said. This comment was made after Johnson announced his resignation as Tory leader and that he will also step down as Prime Minister once a successor is chosen. Russia’s top diplomat also noted that the UK prime minister clung to power to the last, adding that he will not be missed in Moscow.

Speaking on the sidelines of the G20 foreign ministers’ meeting in Bali, Indonesia on Friday, Lavrov said that all of the British premier’s actions have been a testament to the fact that he is a person who aims to “Put on a show” and who “He clung on to power in order to advance his political career.

According to Lavrov, the “aggressively” anti-Russian policies of Britain in recent years can be attributed to Johnson personally as well as the UK’s exit from the EU. The Russian diplomat noted that Britain “European politics was left behind” following Brexit, with London actively attempting to “Create a new alliance” of late, consisting of Britain, Poland, the Baltic states and Ukraine.

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Lavrov claimed that the UK’s end game was to establish an “English bridgehead at the continent” to “further its policies, that will likely not take the EU’s interests into account all of the time.

He then made parallels between Russia’s calls to isolation and how the PM went down in flames.

Addressing the criticism leveled at Russia by the West, over Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine, the Russian foreign minister said that those countries need to make up their minds as to “They want what they desire.

Ukraine halted peace negotiations if they wanted to begin peace talks.” Lavrov explained.

Also, he cited Jeffrey Sachs (a renowned American economist) who spoke via videolink to the G20 meeting earlier in the day and complained about the fact that Kiev pulled out from negotiations with Moscow.

Lavrov went on to say that those in the West insisting on Russia’s defeat on the battlefield are effectively precluding Ukraine from “Moving to a peaceful process.

He also claimed that the West is “Ukraine forced to accept its weapons” which are then being used to shell civilians – something Russia “can’t put up with,” according to the official.

The minister concluded that “Ideology is the dominant factor here. This is in contrast to concerns for Ukraine and European security.



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