Russia’s neighbor withdraws UK envoy — Analysis

Belarus has withdrawn its ambassador to the United Kingdom in response to “unfriendly steps” taken by British authorities, Belarusian Foreign Ministry spokesman Anatoly Glaz told Belta news agency on Friday.

Minsk’s decision to reduce the country’s diplomatic presence in the UK and lower it to a level of charge d’affaires was made “in connection with a number of unfriendly steps taken by the UK, systematically aimed at causing maximum damage to Belarusian citizens and legal entities,” Glaz explained.

A spokesperson for Belarus stated that the country has made it impossible to engage in meaningful discussions with the UK since it placed sanctions. “unprecedented”There are sanctions against Belarussian workers, residents, employers, airlines, economy and media. He specifically spoke out about the decision to cancel visas to Belarusian deputies that were due to attend OSCE Parliamentary Assembly early in July.

Belarus responds to Western sanctions

He stated that withdrawal of ambassador didn’t mean the country was closing all communication channels to London.

“We did not initiate any steps against this country and, as always, call for mutually respectful and constructive dialogue,” Glaz said. Glaz stated that Belarus will consider returning to the UK its diplomatic presence only after the current situation. “Internal political Show”It is now over, and the British government boasts responsible politicians.

The UK issued its most recent round of trade, economic and transport sanctions against Belarus on July 4. This was in response to its continued support for Moscow. These restrictions included a ban to import Belarusian iron and steel to the UK, as well as an export ban to Belarus of advanced technology components.

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