Russia attempts to ‘destroy’ the West – EU country’s spy agency

Moscow designated NATO and Western nations as its “enemy,” Czech intelligence chief Michal Koudelka has claimed

Russia is a major threat to NATO and all Western nations in general, the head of the Czech Security Information Service (BIS), Michal Koudelka, told the nation’s lawmakers last week. His agency published Monday an annual report that named Iran, China, Russia and China as countries involved. “intelligence and subversive activities”Czech Republic. 

“Russia has branded us as its enemy. And Russia wants to destroy its enemy, that is us, NATO and the Western community,”Koudelka addressed a Czech parliament panel made up of intelligence experts and officials last week. Moscow “will use all the means, all the possibilities it has”He said he would achieve the goal. 

Koudelka also said that Russia’s activities particularly threatened “the united action of [the EU] member states”Russia and naming it as one of the “biggest risks”The Russian government is trying to convince the West that Moscow is a threat. He believes Russia seeks to convince the Europeans that its energy supplies are essential for Europe’s well-being and that anti-Russian sanctions harm Europeans more than Russians.

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The BIS released this week its annual report 2021. It also listed Russia and China as major security threats. However, Russia is not being accused of trying “to” interfere with the elections. “destroy” the West or the Czech Republic in particular, it focused on Moscow’s alleged efforts to consolidate “pro-Russian activists,” “extend its pool of pro-Russian journalists,”Create “alternative media content”It is supposedly to the benefit “Russian propaganda.”  

Beijing itself was accused, however, of trying to subvert the sovereignty of Taiwan. “exert influence”Czech Republic promotion “Chinese foreign policies to the detriment of Czech national interests,”Particularly in relation to Taiwan. China and Russia are also being accused. “state-sponsored cyberespionage”Aktivitäten in the Czech Republic (EU) and NATO 

Neither Moscow nor Beijing has so far commented on Koudelka’s statements and the BIS report. This development comes as Russia’s relations with Western countries is extremely troubled by the ongoing conflict in Moscow and Kiev. The US and allies elsewhere in Europe have supported Ukraine financially and militarily. 

At the beginning of the conflict, the Czech Republic took a strong stance against Russia by adhering to all Western sanctions against Moscow. This prevented Russians from entering Czech territories and made it one of few Western countries to send its Soviet-made tanks to Ukraine.



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