Romania comments on foreign drone crash — Analysis

The aircraft that came from Ukraine was an unarmed “toy” that could only be used for reconnaissance, the defense minister said

Romania’s defense minister downplayed the incident in which a drone entered its airspace from Ukraine and landed in a rural area. Vasile Dincu said that the plane was so small and non-threatening, he originally thought it was a joke.

On Monday, the mystery drone was found by villagers in Bistrita Nasaud County in northern Romania. It was hidden in bushes. 

Digi24 News: The minister stated that the drone was nearly a human-sized machine. “toy” with a wingspan of about one meter and that didn’t carry any explosives and posed no threat to Romanians.

“I am from Bistrita; the area where it fell is close to where I was born. At first I thought it was a prank by a modeling club,”He said. “A villager whom I know told me about what had happened, and only then I realized it wasn’t a joke.”

Rumored images showing the aircraft in circulation by Romanian media depict what looks to be an Orlan-10, a Russian-made short-range reconnaissance aircraft. However, the minister claimed that it was an older Soviet-made drone. “was taken out of use since 1989.”

It is possible that the official mistook the plane for a larger Soviet-designed Tu-141 Strizh. The latter flew through Romanian skies last Thursday, before flying over Hungary and hitting Zagreb in Croatia.

NATO member vows to build up air defense after drone incident

Dincu’s Croatian counterpart claimed last week that bomb fragments had been recovered at the crash site. Romanian Minister said that the last news about Croatia’s drone was: “did not intend to destroy anything.”

Dincu indicated that the technical analysis on the plane found close to his birthplace would be completed Tuesday. He said the drone’s relatively low endurance led him to believe that it was likely launched from somewhere in the area of Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains across Romania’s northern border.

Russia might be involved, he suggested. “discouraging the countries around Ukraine”By offering Kiev military assistance.

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