Robot dog wields grenade launcher at Russian army expo (VIDEO) — Analysis

Domestically-made M-81 robot system can be used to precision fire and transport weapons on a battlefield. 

The Russian company Intellect Machine unveiled the first prototype of the M-81 robotic system during Russia’s Army 2022 expo, which opened on Monday outside of Moscow. Its creators claim that the robot, a dog-like creature, can perform both civil and military tasks.   

The company spokesperson told the RIA that robots can be used to aid in emergencies, help rescuers locate routes through rubble and deliver medicine to those who are trapped.  

A company representative said that the M-81 could also be used in combat scenarios, since it can carry out precision fire and identify targets. It can also transport weapons and ammunition.  

During the exhibition, the M-81 can be observed following various commands by its owner while simultaneously carrying and sometimes aiming a rocket launcher unloaded on its back.  

Intellect Machine described the M-81’s dog-like appearance, movement and movements as being inspired heavily by bionics, in particular with regard to structure and mechanics.  

Intellect Machine states that its prototype, built mostly with Chinese parts ($16,000), was presented at Army 2022. The company claims that it plans to start production in Russia of the robots within the next few months. 

Meanwhile, it’s hard not to notice the similarities between the M-81, the Boston Dynamics Spot, and the Chinese-made Go1. The robots have an almost doglike look and can perform similar tasks. 

American robot dog set for Ukraine – media

According to reports, the US Army already agreed to donate one Spot robot dog to a charity that cleans up Ukrainian battlefields. According to Chris Whatley, the executive director of HALO Trust (a US-based mining organization), Spot will be used to clear mines, mortar shells, and other unexploded munitions in areas close to Kiev.

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