Member of Forbes Business Council, J.J. Hebert, shares latest self-publishing news

If there is one thing you should know, it’s that the publishing industry is massive. With more than 670 million books sold throughout 2018 in the United States alone, this influential market has seen a steep rise in self-publishing authors come to life year after year. Throughout the last few years, Indian books fairs such as the Chennai and Madurai Book Fairs saw more than 3 million books sold over several weeks. With so much craze happening, and the introduction of eBook devices, publishing houses are bringing in millions of annual sales. This might be a sign of a healthy and thriving industry, but the real question remains on where does the money from these sales go? 

Although it’s not always to say that most of the money made from these book sales will end up in the pockets of publishing executives, there’s still a concerning number of authors and published writers never attaining full access to the royalties of their work. To counter this problem, and mitigate the abuse of creative expression for financial gains, self-publishing platforms have sprung up all over the world. With thousands of self-publishing platforms available and a plethora of publishers to choose from – the free agent is looking to become a full-time occupation for many. 

Author and self-publishing guru, J.J. Hebert has some advice and news we’d suggest you give a read. 

J.J. Hebert on self-publishing 

After receiving 9-award nominations, and four #1 Amazon Best Seller distinctions, author, and now recent Forbes Business Council member, J.J. Hebert has firmly placed himself and MindStir Media at the center of the American self-publishing industry. 

Hebert’s start came after his debut novel, ‘Unconventional’ in 2009, which saw the rise of his company MindStir Media. More than a decade later, Hebert has helped thousands of acclaimed free agents self-publish their work under MindStir. 

Hebert, also a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, favors that self-published writers should always diversify their channels of marketing. The world is digital and online, and that’s where you should start. Work on your brand, your tone of voice, and the type of work you want the world to enjoy. From freelance blogging, teaching online, to ghostwriting for websites – there are endless possibilities for you to build a versatile self-publishing career. 

Hebert shares entrepreneurial tips

After Hebert received a partnership from Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington for MindStir Media his entrepreneurial ventures swiftly took off. Hebert shares that young writers and authors should look for modern ways to market themselves, and find solutions to issues within the industry that haven’t been addressed. For Hebert it was MindStir Media, offering a service and platform that allows writers executive rights to their work, influencer marketing, and 100% access to their royalties. Having knowledge of entrepreneurship will give you a lead in the race. 

Not everyone will be able to publish their book one day, and finding the right company to do it with is a tedious challenge. The mere dedication to the culture of literature has moved, and shaped our world, and we can only see more of this happening if we allow more writers access to credible self-publishing platforms. 



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