Road blockade in Netherlands over Covid controls — Analysis

Truckers and motorists were trapped for four miles in the traffic jam at the Rotterdam outskirts amid protests against government Covid policies.

Local media reported that 200 people blocked the port’s gates on Thursday. The protesters blocked the traffic flow from and to the port for many hours. The protestors were negotiated by police, and they eventually gave in to their demands. They left the scene later that evening.

Dockers United are against government Covid policies and they were allegedly behind the protest. According to Dockers United, the organization is most concerned that soon authorities might make mandatory that employees have a vaccine or recovery certificate in order to work. That would, the group claims, amount to exclusion of people from the society.Inconstitutional base.” They are also generally unhappy with the curbs introduced by the Dutch government, with ‘Don’t normalize what’s not normal’ being a translation of one of their slogans.

WATCH: Protesters, police clash after new Covid restrictions announced in the Netherlands

The Dutch government had announced earlier in the month that they were working to introduce a corona pass for workplaces, although it’s not clear when or how strictly it will be implemented.

In the meantime, Friday saw the EU register its highest number ever of Covid cases within 24 hour. That figure reached 23,591. According to Medics, they work at their full capacity.

The Dutch prime minister has imposed a partial lockdown on Saturday to stem the escalating violence. Bars, restaurants and cafes will be closed at 8 pm, while non-essential shops will remain open until 6 pm. All public gatherings are prohibited.

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