Republicans and Democrats have opposite memories of Capitol riot – poll — Analysis

Democrats, unlike GOP voters, almost all see January 6th as very violent.

New polling has found the majority of conservatives and Donald Trump supporters believe the Capitol riot was only “somewhat” or not at all violent, while others remember the incident much differently.

According to the Associated Press survey and the NORC University of Chicago poll, 39% of Republicans viewed Tuesday’s Capitol riot (during which one protester was shot by an officer) as either extremely or very violent. 

These numbers are in line to the vast majority of Democrats as well as the people overall. 64% of those surveyed described the day very violently, and 87% said the exact same thing. 

However, the majority of Republicans view Capitol Riot as only “somewhat”They were not violent at all, 32% stating they were quite violent and 29% saying that they weren’t. 

The majority of respondents were unwilling to agree that the Capitol riot wasn’t violent. Only 14% agreed and only 1% said so. 

With the one year anniversary of the Capitol riot only days away, the debate over the day’s events continues to rage on, with arguments seeped in polarization. Currently, a House committee is investigating former President Donald Trump’s alleged role in the buildup to the riot. Just before the protesters arrived at the Capitol, Washington, DC, on January 6, he spoke, implying that the election had been stolen. Later, he told his supporters who were entering Capitol to “go home.” 

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Trump, along with others, argued that the committee was made up of political critics who want to maintain the Capitol riot in public discourse. 

While the committee’s investigation continues to split people, a majority appear to support the efforts, according to the Associated Press’ poll. A majority of the respondents believed Congress should continue its investigation that led to subpoenas, and protests by many Trump associates. 28% disagree. 

Partitioned by party lines, it becomes apparent that the division is obvious with 41% saying that they support the investigation while 96% supporting it. 

This survey included over 1,000 adults in the United States and had a margin error of 4.1%. 

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