Thu. Jul 18th, 2019

GOP Hires Strategist to handle Trump Crisis

Faced with the possibility of a contentious nominating convention, the RNC  has turned to an experienced strategist to handle what could be a “worst case scenario” for the Grand Old Party.

“We must consider that the so-called nuclear option is not only possible, but essential”  Dr. S. Love said in reference to the possibility of the Republic National Committee putting forth a candidate despite the fact that Trump is well on this way to acquiring the necessary delegates to win the nomination.

“It is terrifying, yet simple. We must not let fear of the ramifications hinder us from our bold quest for the future.”

Republican leaders have been in negotiations with key donors, such as the Koch Brothers, who might provide some financial shelter from the fallout of such an action.   Critics have argued that a split of the RNC leadership from the popularly elected nominee would inevitably cause the party to implode.

“Of course, the would be a numbers of years that we would need to …repopulate… the ranks of Republicans”  Dr. S. Love opined.  “We would need to carefully consider our allies in terms political fecundity. ”

Bristol Palin was reportedly also invited the meeting, but declined to attend.