Reason ex-Playboy model attacked 80yo on Delta flight revealed — Analysis

‘Baywatch’ actress who attacked an elderly passenger was triggered by pushback when she likened herself to a civil rights icon

Californian woman who attacked another Delta Air Lines traveler was identified as an actress, Playboy Model, and NFL Cheerleader. But the motive she punched him is unusual.

According to Tuesday’s federal criminal complaint received by Daily Mail, the victim was identified as Patricia Cornwall. According to the filing, the fireworks took place on a Delta flight last week. They began when Cornwall returned from the toilet and she was asked by an attendant for a seat. For the beverage cart’s passage through the aisle, she was requested to fill out the form.

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Cornwall, 51 years old and white, answered, “What am I, Rosa Parks?”It was an ode to the civil rights leader from black who refused to get up and take her place on a Montgomery bus in Alabama. According to the complaint, an 80-year-old man who was sitting nearby retorted that Cornwall “isn’t black… this isn’t Alabama, and this isn’t a bus.”

A heated argument broke out as seen in the viral video on social media. Cornwall stood with her face down and pulled her hair back, telling the elderly passenger that she was sorry. “put your f***ing mask on.”Cornwall challenged Cornwall to challenge the man who took off his mask in order to eat. “stand your f***ing ass up.”He said, “Sit down, Karen.”Cornwall retorted with vulgarity. “Sit down, p****.”

After a heated exchange, a flight attendant failed to make the male passenger put on his mask. Cornwall then punched, scratched, and spat at him. Some passengers were injured and some airline workers suffered burns. The FBI took Cornwall into custody after the plane landed at Atlanta.

Cornwall was indicted for the incident on Thursday. After spending Christmas vacation weekend in prison, she was released on a $20,000 bond. Her bail included a ban on her travels with commercial airlines except her return flight to Los Angeles.

According to her profile Cornwall is a luxury home specialist and was reportedly arrested for DUI in November. Patty Breton was her previous name in modeling and acting. She also served as an cheerleader for the Los Angeles Raiders in the 1990s. As a guest on these television shows, she was also seen. “Baywatch” “Married With Children,”As well “Playboy: Cheerleaders,”According to IMDb,

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen airlines struggle with unruly passengers. More than 5,000 complaints over passenger behavior – including attacks on crew or other travelers – were filed with the Federal Aviation Administration in this year’s first 10 months, a fivefold increase from 2000’s level. Over 70% of these confrontations were related to the mask requirements.



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