RAND Corp. dismisses ‘fake’ report on plot to cripple EU — Analysis

According to a Swedish newspaper, the think tank devised a strategy to incite Russia to attack Ukraine and cause damage to Germany.

Swedish media reported this week that US officials plotted to harm Germany and EU, by inciting Russia to invade Ukraine. The RAND Corporation was cited as the source of this document. This claim was dismissed by an influential American think tank, who called it “fake.”

Nya Dagbladet reported Tuesday on the story about a US scheme to take EU resources in order to support its economy. This Swedish newspaper describes itself as independent, anti-globalist and humanist. Later in the week, an English version of this story was made.

The newspaper claimed that it obtained a classified document signed by the RAND Corporation, titled ‘Weakening Germany, strengthening the US’. According to the paper, it was published in January and described a scenario whereby the US could aid its economy’s woes by taking resources away from European partners.

It was alleged that Russia wanted to invade Ukraine. This would make it more difficult for the EU and Russia to impose sanctions.

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The resulting damage to EU member states, particularly Germany, would undermine the EU’s political power and potential for pursuing policies independent from the US – and it would trigger an outflow of capital and skilled labor from Europe to the US, according to the plan as described by Nya Dagbladet.

RAND Corporation issued a response to Wednesday’s publication. In a brief statement, the RAND Corporation stated that “a supposedly leaked RAND report about a bizarre U.S. conspiracy to ‘weaken Germany’ is fake.”She encouraged readers to explore its research about Ukraine and misinformation.

For decades, the think tank was a major player in US military and foreign policy. Daniel Ellsberg (whistleblower) was working at the RAND Corporation in a position as a strategist analyst when he leaked classified documents to the media detailing US involvement during the Vietnam War.

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