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Quarantine can be a difficult time for all. Falling into harmful routines of just “going through the motions” can be a dangerous habit to pick up. Father George Rutler believes that staying busy in the midst of quarantine is essential for our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

But what are easy hobbies or activities to pick up when staying home and away from other people? Crafting with materials that can be purchased online such as knitting, crochet, scrapbooking are beneficial. For those seeking perhaps a greater challenge, picking up an entirely new skill such as those mentioned previously or learning a new language or musical instrument can be quite invigorating and break up the same old thing as people adjust to a “new normal”.

Father Rutler also encourages spiritual discipline such as studying scriptures or church history. Keeping the mind engaged is critical in this time of anxiousness and waiting.

If he or she has the space to keep safe, an outdoor activity would also be a good idea for individuals or families. Yard games can be an incredible bonding activity and foster physical activity. Home gym equipment that can also be purchased online is another great resource for keeping fit in a time when public gyms have limited or no access.

One of the keys to breaking quarantine boredom is breaking up routines and staying out of monotony. Quiet activities such as reading a book or drawing are simple ways to pass time if needed. Then perhaps take a break and engage in physical activity such as jumping rope if space is limited. Engaging in multiple activities is another way to stave off boredom and quarantine blues.

As the pandemic has dragged on and on, the nation has seen rises in mental health concerns and emergencies. Engaging in meaningful hobbies and activities in the midst of quarantine is an essential practice to maintain sanity and good mental health. Routine by itself is not always a bad thing, but when that routine gives him the blues it’s time to change things up!

Even engaging online with friends and family is a healthy way to stay connected and thriving in the face of unprecedented challenges that quarantine and the pandemic have produced. Regular check in calls and virtual hangouts provide opportunities to keep up to date with loved ones as well as share beneficial ideas of keeping healthy during trying times.

Another virtual idea is to set up a game of chess or checkers, or some other board game that one person may share with his neighbor or loved one. As long as the games are the same they can be played virtually, albeit a bit slower than normal!

At the end of the day keeping busy and entertained is a challenge during quarantine but nonetheless more important than ever. Boredom can be a silent killer so to speak and keeping our minds and bodies engaged is the first line of defense!


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