Top 5 Worst States To Live In

Top 5 Worst States To Live In

Do you ever find yourself wondering what states are the absolute worst to live in? I mean, they can’t all be great. Father George Rutler finds this subject very interesting as well. Let’s discuss which states are the worst, and why.


Arizona is not such a great state to live in, and is actually one of the top 5 worst states to live in. It might be a beautiful state, but it’s terrible to live in. The smog causes the air quality to be absolutely horrible to breathe in. They do not have great public health funding. They also have a lot of crime there. It’s just not the best state to live in.


I bet you’re surprised to see the great state of Texas on the list. It’s another one of the top 5 worst states to live in. It’s one of the only states that has no public laws that would keep the residents of the state safe from discrimination. This is absolutely shocking. It also doesn’t have great public health funding, or voting rights. It’s just surprisingly one of the worst states to live in.


The state of Nevada is another one on the worst states list. You may be wondering why this is so. It spends the least amount of money on its residents as far as public health is concerned. $50 per person, which is absolutely ridiculous. It has the worst public health funding out of all the 50 states, which is so sad. It doesn’t have great air quality either, which probably isn’t that surprising. It doesn’t have great hospital resources either though, and this is a huge bummer, because you would assume that it would have this. Yet it does not.


Missouri is 4th on the list of the top 5 worst states. The state of Missouri does not allow any early voting rights, whatsoever. Pretty mind blowing that they can’t make any exceptions for this, especially in this day and age. They also have one of highest crime rates in the US, which is pretty shocking. I would have never thought that. They also don’t have great public health funding either.


Tennessee is the last state on the top 5 worst states to live in. Home of the music city, and they have been passing laws that ban certain things, and etc., that is just kind of mind boggling for the times we live in. They have poor health care. They also have high crime in Tennessee, quite a lot. They also have a low rate of covid vaccinations, which is pretty crucial right now, with this pandemic going on.
As you can see from this list Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Missouri, and Tennessee are the top 5 worst states to live in right now. This is super intriguing to see, and read about. Father George Rutler is even interested in why these are considered the worst 5 states to live in, hopefully you understand now.


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