Pyongyang boasts enhanced ‘tactical nuke’ capabilities — Analysis

Pyongyang won a test victory in a “new-type guided weapon,”This is said to be designed to enhance the efficiency “tactical nukes.”North Korean leader Kim Jong-un witnessed the launch. It was held at an unspecified time and place.

Several images, including one undated image, were published on Saturday by KCNA State News Agency. They show at most one rocket being launched from a mobile launch platform. A smiling Kim and his generals are also shown.

“The new-type tactical guided weapon… is of great significance in drastically improving the firepower of the frontline long-range artillery units and enhancing the efficiency in the operation of tactical nukes of the DPRK and diversification of their firepower missions,”The KCNA stated.

Pyongyang did not reveal any technical information about the missile but it is believed that the test launch was successful. “successful.”One of the photos released showed smoke rising from small islands.

South Korea in US nuclear talks – media

Kim Jong-un reported that he congratulated the designers of the system. “gave important instructions on further building up the defense capabilities and nuclear combat forces of the country.”

On Monday, North Korea marked ten years of Kim Jong-un’s rule, with celebrations lasting the whole week, including a grand public event with fireworks on Friday to honor the 110th anniversary of the birth of his grandfather Kim Il-Sung – the nation’s founder and first leader. Since 1948, the country is governed by the three generation of Kim families. It’s considered the most isolated nation in the world. 

His rule has seen North Korea’s military capability improve and conduct four of the six nuclear tests. The country also achieved fission- and fusion credibility. The country’s long-range weapon systems include ground, rail and sea-based platforms. They are capable of reaching as far as the United States.

North Korea reveals nuclear red-line

North Korea’s first ever full-scale ICBM missile test launched last month. This put Seoul and Tokyo on high alert. Some officials voiced concerns that Pyongyang could conduct a fresh nuclear test.

This new test is taking place amid rising tensions and heated rhetoric. South Korean officials visited Washington last week to request the redeployment a few strategic assets such as aircraft carriers, long-range nukes and submarines. Pyongyang repeatedly denounced the US military presence within the region, particularly its drills with South Korea. They view these exercises as preparations for an invasion.

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