Prototype of lickable TV raises eyebrows — Analysis

Inventor of the first lickable TV Homei Miyashita has expressed hope that his creation will help people to communicate during the pandemic, but many think that licking the screen is “crazy.”

Recently, the Taste the TV device (TTTV), won two Innovation Awards. This device includes a 10-piece flavor kit that is mixed with a variety of flavors. Then, the tubes are sprayed onto transparent films to be scanned. Flavors include sweet, sour, spicy, and savory, with current test demonstrations offering a ‘food menu’ and ‘alcohol’ tasting.

It is our goal to allow people to experience the same dining experience as in a foreign restaurant while still being at home.“Yes,” Miyashita said as quoted by Reuters.

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His 30 students took about a year for the scientists to complete the prototype. The commercial version will cost approximately 100,000 yen ($875). The device, in Miyashita’s opinion, could also potentially be used for distance learning for sommeliers and chefs, as well as in the entertainment industry.

The inventor of TTTV is currently discussing the use of spray technology in other devices. He hopes to develop a platform that allows users to upload their own tastes.

It is unclear, however, if this innovative gadget would be accepted by the public during the epidemic. Social media users have expressed doubts regarding the viability of lickable television.

Since I was in public health for so long, I have witnessed everything…,” one stunned tweet read, with another saying that “The developers are insane.”

When you drive past McDonald’s but mom says we have lickable LG TV at home,” a third commenter joked.

The porn is going crazy,” concluded one user.

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