Protests here to stay, Canadian radio host axed for pro-trucker comments tells RT — Analysis

Kid Carson, who was against mandats and lost his job, insists that the public is on his side.

Kid Carson, a Vancouver radio personality was “politely shown the door” this week after railing against vaccine mandates and supporting the ongoing truckers’ protest in Ottawa, Canada, he told RT on Thursday. Carson thinks that the public is tired of hearing about the vaccines, regardless of all efforts made by the mainstream media. “corruption and craziness” of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, and the truckers parked on Parliament Hill aren’t going anywhere.

Carson was dropped last week by Vancouver’s Z95.3 FM, after an on-air rant against vaccine mandates and digital vaccine passports, which he said were a form of “digital ID that will control every aspect of [children’s] lives.” He also spoke out against media reports portraying the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest in Ottawa, Ontario as racist and hateful based on a number of flags spotted in the crowd, declaring “If you think the trucker convoy in Ottawa is a racist movement, you’ve been tricked. You’ve been fooled.” 

Z95.3 FM described Carson’s views as “misleading or inaccurate,”And that they were not aware of such opinions “do not represent what Z95.3 is all about.”

“I was politely shown the door,”Carson shared his thoughts with RT on Thursday. “I spoke out against the digital vaccine passports, talking about how this is a bit of a dangerous technology…I also supported the truckers in Ottawa. It was too much for their radio station. They didn’t want the backlash, they still believe that most people don’t want to hear the truth.”

This ‘democratic’ nation has turned into a dictatorship

While a number of Canada’s provincial premiers have rescinded their vaccine mandates and vaccine pass systems, a nationwide vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers remains in place, and all Canadians need proof of vaccination to travel within and depart Canada. The ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest still blocking much of downtown Ottawa began in opposition to the mandate for truckers, and has since expanded, with protesters calling for the total abolition of Covid restrictions.

Carson said that he’s received an outpouring of public support since being dropped by Z95.3 FM, claiming that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s unprecedented invocation of emergency powers against the truckers is “helping to wake people up to some of the corruption and quite frankly the craziness that’s happening right now.”

On Monday, Canadian banks were allowed to immediately freeze the accounts of people suspected of contributing to the truckers. They can also suspend participants’ trucking licenses. Carson told RT that he’d donated to the protesters, and now fears losing access to his money.

“Such a crazy overreach of government power, it’s not going to have us back down. It’s going to wake us up to fight harder,”He stated.

Freedom Convoy protesters threatened with losing their pets

The convoy’s opponents argue that truckers have paralysed Canada’s economy. This is especially true for those who blocked the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan, which was recently cleared. Carson replied that he did understand these concerns when RT asked him. “just a silly DJ who plays Britney Spears.”

However, he’s adamant that no threats of arrest or financial penalties will deter the truckers parked in Ottawa.

“From the truckers I’ve spoke to, they will stay there as long as it takes,”He stated. “You’re not talking about weak people. I don’t think they’re going to cave in and buckle any time soon.”



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