Proper Pandemic Preparations

Pandemics are not common occurrences in society and, as a result, there is a lack of information regarding how to prepare for one. Much of the early hoarding and fear-based responses to covid-19 have dissipated, but the pandemic still rages on, sometimes with more strength than might be otherwise realized. Benjamin Harow recommends calling a doctor if one notices any symptoms imminentl..How then should one prepare for a pandemic with the knowledge that society gained so far and the likely course that this disease will rage on. Being healthy is the primary concern when a virus is raging around the world. Keeping healthy is essential and avoiding the illness is paramount through good hygiene, social distancing, and the use of masks when interacting with others. Maintaining an exercise routine when stuck inside is important as well and having some basic exercise equipment like weights and a treadmill or exercise bike can help. Natural health processes such as using holistic medicines and vitamins can aid a person as well. Natural health vitamins and herbs can help to boost a person’s immune system and fend off a disease or make the recovery from the disease easier if they do get infected with it. A pandemic related lockdown is difficult to deal with mentally as well as physically. There are concerns that many people experience stress related to the economic uncertainty associated with a lockdown as well as the sense of loss that many experiences that are related to an overall loss of a former more fulfilling life before the disease raged on. Because of the importance of a person’s mental health towards life fulfillment, particularly as the time associated with the disease becomes elongated and long-lasting, steps to prepare for a prolonged period stuck inside is important. Find some hobbies, goals, and interests that can be accomplished inside such as learning a new language or skill, or building something that will accent one’s home over the long-term, as a way of beating the illness if infected.

If ones are going to be locked in for a long time then it will be important to get supplies ready. Better to be prepared with non-perishable items so one can avoid potential price gouging, so load up on items like toilet paper, soap, detergent, and diapers early on. Foods such as rice, flour, vegetable oil, canned foods, and so on can all be stored and used eventually. Prepare for a month of supplies which should allow For breaks in service and to avoid disease spikes. Finally, everyone should keep in mind that all diseases in human history will pass as the disease mutates or a vaccine is developed. Understanding that this is a temporary state of affairs and by no means the definition of the rest of life will help to weather the disease. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and being optimistic is essential at this time. With the vaccine coming and doctors like Benjamin Harow working twenty-four hours a day, this too shall pass.            


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