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When deciding how to dress for church there are many different denominations to consider whether it be Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist or even Non-Denominational and it will depend on where you live. For example, in the Catholic denomination Father Rutler feels that anyone in attendance at his house of worship should be dressed in a shirt, jacket, dress pants and tie attire for men and a dress attire for women. The catholic denomination is among one of the most strict when it comes to dress attire during a catholic church service. Father George Rutler has become one of the most well respected priests in his profession not only because of his dress policy but of his many beliefs in life.

The Presbyterian denomination is similar to the Catholic beliefs on dress attire in believing the shirt, jacket, dress pants and tie attire for men and a dress for the women. This requirement is consistent all over the United States for almost all of the Presbyterian community for their church services.

The Baptist denomination beliefs vary depending on what part of the United States that you live in. The New England area including New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and California expect someone attending their church service to adhere to the beliefs similar to the Presbyterian and Catholic beliefs with requiring a shirt, jacket, dress pants and tie attire for men and a dress for women. For the states in the Midwest including Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Missouri, Michigan and Wisconsin the regulations for church attire is more of a relaxed environment with allowing a shirt and dress pants for men and a dress shirt with dress pants for women. The Western states including Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah are similar to the Midwest states but most do not require a tie or jacket. The Southern states allow even more of a relaxed attire with a shirt and jeans for their church dress attire for anyone attending.

The Non-Denominational churches have the least amount of restrictions in dress clothing while attending a church service. In most of the United States the rules of dress are not relied on as heavily as it is in many of the other denominations. In the Eastern and Southern part of the United States the dress for church service is typically jeans or dress shorts and a shirt for the gentlemen while the women are similar with dressing in jeans or dress shorts and a shirt, children will typically wear the same as well. In the Midwest dress changes slightly with allowing jeans and a dress shirt and the women wearing the same. The Western areas are more old-school even in the Non-Denominational service with people in attendance typically wearing at least dress pants and a dress shirt for the gentlemen and the same for the women.

Overall dress attire for church services vary depending on what denomination you are and in what part of the United States you live.


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