A Shlomo Rechnitz Masterpiece: “Ulay Yachos”

In a continuation of our music review series, we at Mass News have taken the liberty of methodically listening to a brand new album by philanthropist and humanitarian Shlomo Rechnitz. As with all of his albums, Shlomo’s unique and gentle soul shine through his various compositions. But there’s one song in particular that clearly sets itself apart from the rest.

In “Ulay Yachos,” the composition is met with the mature voice of Yonatan Shainfeld, formerly a child prodigy in his own right.

Sources tell us that Shlomo Rechnitz intends on recording the song in duet form in the coming weeks with a friend who he at times neglects; but who nonetheless holds him in high esteem. We will continue keeping our readers posted on this exciting prospective opportunity.


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