Presidential hopeful says France should leave NATO and partner with Russia — Analysis

Jean-Luc Melenchon claims that Paris could be freed from being dragged into a Cold War by leaving NATO.

A leader of a leftist French party has called on the country not to join NATO. He revealed that Russia is a friend of Paris and not an enemy.

The leader of the leftist La France Insoumise (France Unbowed) party, Jean-Luc Melenchon, shared his insights on the new Cold War and France’s place in it during a major interview with France Inter radio on Monday. Melenchon continued to elaborate on points made in the interview during a long Twitter conversation. thread.

He suggested that the nation should be involved in any efforts to combat climate change. “de-escalate”Instead of following Washington’s new Cold War against China, Russia and other countries, we should be focusing on the global situation. France would be better off if it were to leave NATO, since it will no longer be part of its alliance. “military adventurism”Melenchon, in America believes.

“I am for leaving NATO. De-escalation is necessary. If we leave NATO, we will not be dragged into the cold war logic that the Americans maintain with Russia and China,”He stated.

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The politician also said he regards Russia as France’s partner rather than an adversary. Melenchon stressed that it was Russia who brought the NATO bloc to the present standoff with Moscow. This broke its promise on the eastward expansion.

“Russia is a partner. “Russia is a partner. Russia considered us a threat when we added 10 nations to NATO’s east. Especially when you install anti-missile systems in Poland,”The politician said.

He voiced his disapproval of any proposal to include Ukraine in NATO. Moscow would perceive such a move as an attempt to undermine Europe’s security. “threat”He said that he was against it.

Melenchon, a veteran politician, has declared that he will run for the presidency in the April election. Melenchon received around 20% of votes in France’s previous presidential election. He did not reach the second round.

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