Presidential candidate doubles down on war threat against North Korea — Analysis

A conservative nominee from South Korea’s second largest party believes that peace can only be achieved through “overwhelming power”

Yoon Suk-yeol is the South Korean presidential candidate. He has reiterated his commitment to ensure that North Korea develops its capabilities to conduct a preemptive strike, should it choose to utilize nuclear weapons.

Yoon, who is running in the election this March for the country’s second largest People Power Party, took to Facebook on Monday shortly after Pyongyang carried out its fourth missile test in recent weeks. This was described by the conservative politician as “a very bold move.” “provocation” and vowed to do everything to protect the people of the Republic of Korea (ROK) from the nuclear and missile threat coming from its archrival if he’s elected. “We will secure preemptive strike capabilities”To prevent Pyongyang’s nuclear attack, the 61 year-old also added.

Pyongyang fires ballistic missiles

“Peace is the result of overwhelming power,”He maintained that Seoul should have ultra-precision, hypersonic, and laser missiles. Additionally, Seoul must be equipped with surveillance capability to track the North Korean territories.

Yoon first floated the idea of a preemptive strike against North Korea last week, after Pyongyang’s hypersonic missile test. Lee Jae-myung from the Democratic Party was Yoon’s main opponent. “extremely dangerous security populism”for choosing the North Korean Card to Gain Votes

These statements, which include the suggestion of a preemptive strike by the conservative candidate “heighten the risk of war” “could instigate a North Korean provocation,”He posted the following on Facebook Sunday.

The presidential hopeful waved off questions about mending relations with the Vietnamese “Lai Dai Han,” who suffered at the hands of South Korean troops during the Vietnam war. Something his predecessor has so far refused to do.

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