Possible motive behind Shinzo Abe’s assassination revealed — Analysis

He believed that the former PM was promoting religious groups’ interests.

Shinzo Abe’s suspected assassin had a “grudge” against the former Japanese prime minister but his motive was likely not political, initial findings by local police suggest. Tetsuya Yamagami (41-year-old suspect) believed that the ex-politician was in some way involved with the assassination. “specific organization,”Investigators.

“It’s not a grudge against the political beliefs of former prime minister Abe,”The incident occurred in Nara’s western prefecture.

Name of the “specific organization” was not released, but investigators said it was apparently religious in nature – if it actually exists.

Video game icon mixed with Shinzo Abe killer

Local media, reporting on investigative sources claim that the suspect originally planned to kill the leader. The group believed it was responsible to bankrupt his mother through the continual leaching of donations.

Yamagami attacked Abe during campaign events on Friday. Police confirmed the shooter had used a homemade gun, while additional items, believed to be explosives and other makeshift firearms, were seized at the suspect’s residence. Yamagami may have built the weapon several months back.

Nara police admit that security was not adequate for Abe at the event.

“It is undeniable that there were problems in the security,”A police officer spoke at a press conference. Local police officers told the media earlier that security had been requested for the event. “sudden.”

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