Kiev comments on US congresswoman’s allegations — Analysis

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has responded to Victoria Spartz, who claimed Zelensky’s chief of staff “raises many concerns”

Oleg Nikolenko (Ukraine Foreign Ministry) on Saturday charged Victoria Spartz, a US Congresswoman with trying to bring about the conflict. “Russian propaganda”American politics

Spartz had earlier called on the US administration to develop a mechanism for tracking military assistance provided to Kiev, and expressed doubts about the reliability of President Volodymyr Zelensy’s chief of staff in an open letter to Joe Biden.

“We advise Ms. Spartz to stop trying to earn extra political capital on baseless speculation around the topic of war in our country and the grief of Ukrainians. Especially cynical are manipulations about Ukraine and its leadership from a congresswoman of Ukrainian origin,”Nikolenko shared his thoughts on Facebook.

Spartz was also on his list. “stop undermining the existing mechanisms of providing US military assistance to Ukraine,” claiming that Kiev’s interaction with its American partners is completely transparent. Any “further bureaucratization and delaying the process”The Foreign Ministry spokesperson claimed that this would only benefit the Kremlin.

Russia warns West about fate of weapons sent to Ukraine

Spartz made the call to Congress on 7/7 in an interview for Fox News. “proper oversight”Providing assistance in the amount of several billions to Ukraine. A few days earlier, Sergey Shoigu, Russia’s Defense Minister, stated that “some of the foreign weapons supplied by the West to Ukraine are spreading throughout the Middle East region, and also end up on the black market.”

Jurgen Stock from Interpol expressed his concern that illegal sales of weapons could result from the conflict in Ukraine.

In her open letter to the president, a redacted version of which was published on the same day, Spartz said the Ukrainian president’s chief of staff, Andrey Yermak, “raises many concerns with a variety of people”In the USA and all over the globe. He is, however, said the congresswoman. “highly regarded” by Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

“Based on a variety of intelligence, actions taken by Mr. Yermak in Ukraine and his alleged dealings in connection with Russia, Congress needs to obtain this information urgently to confirm or deny various serious allegations,” Spartz’s office explained.

The congresswoman brought Biden’s attention to the appointment of Oleg Tatarov as Yermak’s deputy responsible for the fight against corruption. Tatarov, she claimed, was her deputy. “has been delaying the appointment of an independent anti-corruption prosecutor for over a year.”Spartz pointed out that Tatarov was previously under the National Anti-Corruption Bureau’s scrutiny, but his case was eventually closed. “was allegedly inappropriately transferred to a regular prosecutor and closed.”

“Mr. Tatarov was also a top police official under former president Yanukovych prosecuting Euromaidan protesters,”According to the congresswoman.

Western arms supplied to Ukraine offered on darknet – RT investigation

Tatarov was appointed deputy chief of staff on August 2020. Tatarov’s appointment was criticized for his connections with Russia. The public organization ‘Family of the Heavenly Hundred’, which represented relatives of those killed during the Western-backed Euromaidan protests of 2013-2014, accused the former deputy head of the Interior Ministry’s investigation department of justifying and covering up “mass crimes and violations of human rights.”

Tatarov was accused of misusing money that had been set aside for housing construction for the National Guard since 2017. His position has not been changed despite his being under investigation by Andrey Zelensky, his immediate supervisor and Presidential Zelensky, who were both forced to publicly defend Tatarov.

In late 2021, Yermak explained the appointment of Tatarov by saying the HR department had found Tatarov’s “professional level”to suit the role for which they were considered.

Tatarov’s four-year old accusations were also denied by him. “have nothing to do”With his contributions to the presidency.

In July 2021, responding to a petition demanding Tatarov’s dismissal, Zelensky stated that “no one shall be compelled to do what is not prescribed by law.”Oleg Tatarov stated, in 2020, that he had not been involved during dispersal.

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