Poll shows impact of January 6 probe on US public opinion — Analysis

The House committee’s televised hearings have failed to change voter views regarding the January 2021 Washington riot

More than a year of investigation by a congressional committee and nine televised hearings – packaged expertly by a former ABC News executive – have had essentially zero impact on public opinion about the January 6 US Capitol riot, a new poll has revealed.

Monmouth University’s Tuesday poll showed that voters believed that Trump had caused the Capitol breach. Around 38% believe Trump is responsible for the Capitol breach. “directly responsible,”The survey revealed that 42% of respondents were less than they were before the televised hearings.

“The sensational revelations during the hearings do not seem to have moved the public opinion needle on Trump’s culpability for either the riot or his spurious election fraud claims,”Patrick Murray is the director of Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Many observers didn’t buy Murray’s argument that the hearings yielded “sensational revelations.”Only 23% Americans pay taxes “a lot of attention”According to the poll, opinions remained the same as before the hearings aired. Similar results were seen regarding whether President Joe Biden was elected due to voter fraud (29%) and whether or not the Capitol breach resulted in a riot (64%; compared with 65%).

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Respondents said that 52% thought the incident could be correctly described as an “insurrection,”Up to 50% of the participants were present before the hearings. However, 35% stated that they had no idea. “legitimate protest,”This is an increase of 34% Only 8% of respondents said that the hearings had changed their opinions, down from 6%.

The poll revealed that 40% of Americans, which includes more than 80% Republicans, view Trump favorably. This is virtually the same percentage as November 2020. The opposite spectrum shows that 41% think Trump should be prosecuted for crimes related to Capitol riot. 35% believe such a prosecution would lead to destabilization of US politics.

“When we released our June poll, I said the committee was preaching to the choir,”Murray stated. “These current results suggest they haven’t recruited any new singers since then.”

According to the poll, 42% believe that America’s political system is flawed. “basically sound,”In February 2020, the rate of decline was 55%

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James Goldston was an ex-executive at ABC News to assist in the packaging of House hearings. Democrats have referred to the riot in a racist insurrection, and blamed Trump for encouraging protesters against election fraud to stop peaceful transfers of power. Representative Scott Perry (R. Pennsylvania) has called the hearings Soviet-style. “show trial.”



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