Poll reveals how many Americans think country on ‘wrong track’ — Analysis

A new poll, conducted one year after Joe Biden’s presidency began, has shown that more than half of Americans believe President Joe Biden is taking the US off the right track.

Results showed that 68% thought the country was heading in the wrong direction while 32% believed it was headed in the right direction. The poll was conducted by Morning Consult and Politico over the weekend and surveyed 2,005 voters.

56 percent of respondents disapprove the White House job Biden does, while 40% strongly disapprove. 

While 40% in total approve of his performance, only 16% “Strongly” approve, while 4% lack an opinion on the matter.

One year of Biden: Are we better off?

Asked what grade they would give Biden, 40% said he got an ‘F’, while only 6% gave him an ‘A’ and 14% gave him a ‘B’. 

Respondents were asked about their main concerns. 42% cited the economy, while 14% referred to security. Inflation has driven up prices for everything from food staples to fuel and building materials in recent months – and 59% of respondents indicated that Biden’s policies were either “Very responsible” or “Possibly.

Health care and issues related to aging such as Medicare and Social Security attracted 11% of voters’ attention, while energy was only 5%.

The majority of respondents (47%) said they trust Republicans more than Democrats (34%), and 19% did not have an opinion. The Democrats hold a small majority in Congress and have a one-vote lead in Senate (cast by Vice President Kamala Haris), meaning that losing even one seat in the House could change the balance of power.

When judged on his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, Biden received low marks from voters, with 44% ranking his performance as “The poor.” Both Congress and White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci were rated “The poor” by 32% of respondents.

Biden’s approval ratings cratered last year as he failed to deliver on his chief campaign promise of “shutting down” the Covid-19 epidemic. Recent months have seen an increase in coronavirus-related deaths, despite vaccines being available.

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