Politician runs for president to ‘save’ France from ‘tragic fate’ — Analysis

French ultra-right firebrand Eric Zemmour has announced he will run for president in the 2022 election, claiming he is driven by a need to “save” the Gallic people from decadence and minorities that “oppress the majority.”

Zemmour, a right-wing polemicist and politician, announced on Tuesday that he would be running for French president in a terrifying video with ominous music. As he sits in an elaborate library at his desk, Zemmour speaks of how ready he is to serve. “to save the country from the tragic fate that awaits it.”  

Zemmour has been found guilty of inciting hatred racial. Zemmour spoke in support of his story that France was in decline, pointing to photos of headscarved women and fights between black men. “You feel like you are no longer in the country you once knew… you are foreigners in your own country,”He said. 

“I’ve decided to run in the presidential election so that our children and grandchildren don’t suffer barbarity, so that our girls won’t be veiled… so that they can inherit a France as it was known to our ancestors,”He declared.   

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France is getting more right wing. We should have seen it coming

He lists a list of French heroes, from Jean Gabin to Charles de Gaulle to Joan of Arc. According to the 63 year-old, who is of Algerian Jewish descent, he can’t be satisfied as a journalist anymore because he doesn’t trust French politicians with protecting Gallic citizens. 

It is time to give power back to people and take it away from the minorities who oppress the majority.

While the Paris-born polemicist only announced his candidacy on Tuesday, the man dubbed as ‘Le Trump’ has long been considered one of the most likely contenders to challenge incumbent President Emmanuel Macron in the April 2022 election. 

Zemmour’s ultra-right wing, anti-Islam agenda intertwined with traditionalist values has seemingly struck a chord with parts of France’s electorate in recent times, though fellow right-wing figure Marine Le Pen has edged ahead of him in recent polls. The polling data indicates that Macron would be won by either Zemmour, or Le Pen in the last round. 



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