Police remove survivors of 1980s mass canola oil poisoning from Madrid’s El Prado museum, where they threatened suicide — RT World News

After occupying Madrid’s El Prado museum in Madrid, a group that survived 40-years ago a massive canola oil poisoning have been expelled by police. The group threatened to kill themselves if the government doesn’t respond to their calls for help.

Madrid Museum was occupied by protesters who claimed that the museum is unsafe. “six hours”They would “start ingesting the pills”If government officials didn’t heed the calls of victims, “poisoned for 40 years and condemned to live as in 1981 due to the abandonment of the State.”

Many Spaniars have died from illnesses caused by consuming processed rapeseed oil.

Police removed the survivors from the room after they had gained entry to it by arriving in the museum on Tuesday morning with other normal tourists. Because the museum’s culture has been supportive of them over the years, the group chose the spot to protest.

The group requested that the government pay them a tribute to dignity and respect through an act of state. Officials will review the disabilities of the disabled to make sure that the appropriate pensions are given and that any treatment is provided. also available
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The group is yet to decide if they will seek another location to protest. Their demands have yet to be met by the government.

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