Poll reveals clear leader for next UK PM — Analysis

More than 60% of Tories will vote for Liz Truss to be Britain’s next prime minister, a survey finds

A poll by Opinium Research, published Saturday shows that Liz Truss holds a 22 point lead over Rishi Unak for Foreign Secretary.

From 570 Conservative Party members polled, 61% said that Truss would win, and 39% back Sunak.

Voting is open until September 2nd. The next PM will be announced approximately three days later.

Boris Johnson, the Tory party’s chief minister, resigned last month following a number of protests from high-ranking government officials. Johnson leads the caretaker government and will be replaced when the new leader of Tory party is elected.

In an environment of rising energy prices, and an increase in living costs within the UK, the battle for the premiership is taking place. Both of these candidates promised to help Britain get out of crisis, if elected to the top job.

“I am focused on seeing our economy and country through to better days by growing the size of the pie, boosting wages, and supporting jobs to save us from the misery of recession,”Truss wrote an opinion article published Sunday in Daily Mail.

British energy bills expected to rise through the roof

“I have a plan to get us through it and make sure this is a one-winter crunch. I want this to be the last time people have to worry about their bills,”Sunak stated this in an interview that he did with The Sun Sunday.

Asked about Truss’ advantage in recent polls by Times Radio on Friday, Sunak insisted that he still has “a fantastic chance to make progress in this campaign,”That and more “lots of people have not made up their mind.”

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