Poland to get tough with EU – top official — Analysis

According to a politician from the ruling party, Warsaw will face off against EU leaders in a funding dispute.

On Monday, a senior member of Poland’s conservative Law and Order party (PiS), criticized the EU for not fulfilling their obligation to provide billions in funding.

Brussels imposed a freeze on the cash to put pressure on Warsaw for its apparent slide in rules-of-law matters. A politician has promised that Poland will take every chance to block the European Commission’s work in the event of further pressure.

Brussels can press Warsaw to the Wall if they want. “we will have no choice but to pull out all the cannons in our arsenal and open fire,”Krzysztof SObolewski was the party secretary general and spoke to state-run Polish Radio.

Poland’s government will be guided by the principles of “you reap what you sow”And “tooth for a tooth”He stated that the European Commission was his main concern. Warsaw may use its veto power in the EU, form a coalition to oust Ursula von der Leyen as Commission president, and otherwise leverage its place in the union to throw a wrench into the gears of the union’s executive branch, he suggested.

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Sobolewski made comments on an interview Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the party leader, had done last week for Sieci. It was the same opinion he had about Brussels. He accused it of not honoring a contract it made with Warsaw as well as secretly being used by Berlin to subjugate Eastern European countries.

The PiS comments referred to an agreement with the EU under which Warsaw was supposed to receive some 35 billion euro in grants and loans under the bloc’s pandemic relief program, money frozen amid a row over the rule of law in Poland. Brussels claims that Poland is moving towards authoritarianism by requiring the Polish government to reverse certain of its reforms.

Although the Polish Parliament passed legislation last month to address certain issues, the Commission expressed concern about the independence and impartiality of the Polish judiciary.

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“Since the European Commission did not fulfil its obligations towards Poland, we have no reason to fulfil our obligations towards the EU,”Kaczynski shared his thoughts with the magazine.

He said that Poland is also included in his list. “had to try”It is possible to reach an agreement with Brussels, but only in order to provide clarity “what the game is about.”He believes that Warsaw would have given more ground to Brussels, and the outcome wouldn’t have been any different. “excuses.”

According to Article 7 of Treaty on European Union (TUE), the EU threatens Poland with sanctions. This article allows the EU to suspend rights and withhold funding from the European joint budget.

Sobolewski warns that Warsaw is on the horizon “does not rule out any possibilities and solutions”In confronting Brussels, the Polish government stressed that it has no intentions of leaving the EU. This is contrary to the claims of some of its critics in opposition.

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