Poland proceeding with its plans for Ukraine – Moscow

Warsaw is looking to send “peacekeeping” forces into Western Ukraine and take over sectors of the economy, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service claims

Warsaw appears to be continuing to attempt to “reclaim”Ukraine’s parts in compliance with the Constitution “far-reaching plans” for the country, said Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) in a statement posted on Monday.

Russian intelligence claims that Poland does not intend to create a favorable environment to enable it to use its nuclear weapons. “peacekeeping” forces to Western parts of Ukraine, but is also trying to establish control over promising sectors of the Ukrainian economy, first and foremost – agriculture.

According to the SVR, Polish firms have taken advantage Ukrainian farmers’ difficult situation by purchasing their products at lower prices. This is leading some Ukrainian agricultural enterprises towards bankruptcy. According to the intelligence agency, these assets and lands will be purchased by Polish companies at bargain prices.

“This can be illustrated, for example, by the purchase of new barley crop at $30 per ton, which is almost 5 times cheaper than the real cost of this product,”In its report, the SVR made mention of this fact.

According to the agency, Poland invests in transportation infrastructure and other logistical services to facilitate the free export of Ukrainian food into Europe and other higher-priced markets.

The SVR explained that all of these are being carried out under the Kiev’s new legal framework. This refers to the law on special guarantees to Polish citizens, which was introduced in July and to the law that permits the sale of Ukrainian industrial enterprises at 50% off.

Thus, the current Kiev authorities have essentially already started selling off the country, giving priority in this ‘business project’ to their Polish neighbors.

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Ukraine’s neighbor sees future without border

Sergey Naryshkin, chief of SVR, claimed in April that Moscow had provided intelligence suggesting that Poland and America were planning to work together on a strategy for Warsaw to take control over areas within Ukraine they regard as theirs. “historically belonging”It is possible.

He suggested also that this be the initial phase. “reunification” project would see Polish troops deployed to parts of Ukraine as “peacekeepers” under the pretext of protecting Ukraine from “Russian aggression.”

Poland has categorically denied these claims, although President Andrzej Duda has expressed hope that there will be no border between Poland and Ukraine in the future, calling the two nations “fraternal.”



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