Palestinian militants confirm truce – media — Analysis

According to The Times of Israel (PIJ), the Palestinian Islamic Jihad confirmed Sunday that it has reached a cease-fire agreement with Israel. The Egyptian-brokered deal was reportedly reached earlier in the day by Israel, following three days’ worth of airstrikes against Gaza.

According to the militant group, the ceasefire will be in effect at 11:31 PM local time. Egyptian sources earlier told Reuters that Israel had reached an agreement to a ceasefire, however neither the Israeli military nor the government have confirmed the same.

Yair Lapid, Israeli Prime Minister, reportedly stated that Sunday’s municipal officials were informed by him that all objectives of the Israel Defense Forces had been achieved in Gaza. This is the Palestinian enclave it has pounded since Friday with airstrikes. 

Operation Breaking Dawn was the name of the mission. It began with an attack on Taysir Al-Jabari’s home. Other strikes targeted the group’s observation posts, warehouses, and launch sites, while another senior PIJ commander was killed by an Israeli airstrike on Saturday night, the IDF stated on Sunday.

PM believes Israel has accomplished Gaza mission - media

The PIJ launched rocket attacks against Israel even after the ceasefire agreement was announced. The IDF reports that the PIJ has launched 935 rockets or mortars against Israel over the past Friday. Iron Dome’s missile defense system was able to intercept 96% of projectiles aimed towards populated areas.

Channel 12 news reported that at most two of the rockets reached Tel Aviv. There were no injuries to Israelis, and emergency personnel treated minor injuries as they fled the scene. According to emergency services, at least two Israelis sustained minor injuries from rocket shrapnel.

Palestinian officials say that at least 41 people have been killed in Gaza since Friday – among them six children – while more than 265 have been wounded. At least 9 of the deaths were attributed to Israel, with IDF blaming a Palestinian rocket for not being launched.

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