Poland must pay 1 million euro PER DAY in rule-of-law row with EU, top European court rules — RT World News

On Wednesday, the European Court of Justice stated that Poland was ordered to pay one million euros (or approximately $1.2 million per day) each day it implements European Union standards in its judiciary system.

It was a harsh punishment “Necessary to prevent serious and irreparable damage to the legal system of the European Union, and the values upon which it is founded,”In its decision, the Luxembourg-based court claimed.

This fine is in reaction to the controversial decision of Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal (Poland), which had earlier this month prioritised national laws above those of the European Court of Justice.

Since 2015 when the Polish nationalist Law and Justice party was in power, Warsaw and Brussels have clashed. They strongly opposed the EU’s policies regarding migration, LGBT rights, and climate change. It has blamed the Polish government for trying to control the justice system and erasing checks within the Eastern European nation of 38 million.

The European Commission is already withholding from Poland a €36-billion grant for post-pandemic rebuilding, the ECJ’s new fine being another attempt by Brussels to bring Warsaw to heel.

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As the European Parliament threatens to sue the European Commission, it’s clear the EU is ripping itself apart over Poland

Alexander De Croo, the prime minister of Belgium –one of EU’s founding members– also addressed the ongoing dispute with Poland on Wednesday, saying You can’t take all of the wealth but not the value.

He responded also to comments made by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki that suggested the EU might be starting. “A Third World War”He expressed concern over the differences between Poland and his promise that his country would protect its rights“With all weapons that are available to us”If this occurs.

De Croo said that De Croo’s Polish counterpart was “Playing with fire, when you wage war with your European peers for internal politics reasons.” also available
If EU ‘starts WW3’ against Poland by withholding promised funding, Warsaw will defend itself with ‘any weapons available’ – PM

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